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"Michael Moynihan has an uncanny gift for seeing into the future."


Michael Moynihan is an entrepreneur, author and thought leader who has served in senior roles in business and government. Here are some of his current and past activities.


Dr. Moynihan is currently the Founder and CEO of Onehot.ai, developer of Max, a next generation digital assistant powered by AI technology and Boonan.ai, creator of the technology underlying the Boonan.com website, app and chatbot. Onehot.ai applies machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to complex challenges in data analysis.

In 1999, Moynihan founded the Internet video company, AlwaysonTV, the Internet's first all video portal. The company accomplished many Internet firsts including creating the first Personal Video Channels that allowed users to post their own video, video email, video classifieds and video greetings. The company's Personal Producer and Media Mogul software made it possible for individuals to broadcast their video to the world and create personal video channels for the first time in history. Alwaysontv.com website aggregated a wide range of movies, movie trailers, news, entertainment and other video on its portal. AOTV also introduced a secure Java video client, Secure Vision for the security community.

Blogger and Writer

Michael Moynihan is a blogger for The Huffington Post where he writes about technology, economics and politics. He previously blogged for Grist and other websites and has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Harper's and other publications.

Economist and Urban Expert

Moynihan served as New York City's Chief Economist as Senior Vice President of the city's Economic Development Corporation from 2012 to 2016. There, he played a key role in planning and carrying out the city's economic development strategy including its emergence as the nation's second largest technology hub.


Dr. Moynihan has been a member of the faculties of New York University and Princeton University. He holds degrees from Columbia (AB), Harvard (MPA) and Princeton (PhD).

Clean Energy Expert

Moynihan founded the Clean Energy Initiative and Electricity 2.0 program at the Washington think tank, NDN. Dr. Moynihan is author of the papers Electricity 2.0: Unlocking the Power of the Open Energy Network and Investing in Our Common Future: US Infrastructure. Moynihan suggested the idea of a clean stimulus program to the Obama Presidential campaign that grew into the $700 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. To learn more about Moynihan's clean energy policy work, click here.


Moynihan is the author of many books on management, business and travel topics including the critically acclaimed work, The Coming American Renaissance, published by Simon & Schuster in 1996. To learn more about Mr. Moynihan's writing, click here.


Moynihan is a frequent speaker at corporate, government and other events. His principal topics are Next Generation Digital Assistants and and Six Economic Trends That Will Shape the Future. To book him as a speaker for your next event, click here.


For additional information about Dr. Moynihans interests and biography, click here.


Selected Works

Business and Technology
The Coming American Renaissance
"His views effectively rebut...doomsday books...by Lester Thurow...Paul Kennedy" and others.
-The New York Times
The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Manager
"Drawing from the experience of AT&T, Dow Chemical, Fuji, Xerox, and other multinational corporations, suggests how to train and recruit managers with international skills to run the various branches of a far-flung enterprise"
-Book News

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