Michael Moynihan

The Coming American Renaissance

The Coming American Renaissance

"Effectively rebut[s]... doomsday books."
-The New York Times

His "most important [point]... is that America's market size and mobile labor and capital markets put its economy in a better position than that of most other economies in the world.... Moynihan believes that the "information superhighway" will stimulate rapid growth again in America."
-New York Review of Books

In the early 1990s, many felt that America's best days had come and gone and that other countries, Japan, Europe or China seemed destined to inherit the earth. Enter Michael Moynihan who in this landmark study demonstrated America's enduring economic advantages and forecast the economic resurgence that has since made America the envy of the world. In this critically acclaimed work that dramatically changed the national economic debate, Moynihan put an end to economic naysaying and predicted the growth of the Internet and economic resurgence that would characterize the 1990s--and now promise to power America through a second American Century.

In this exhaustively resarched work, Moynihan identifed the demographic trends that favor US growth, the technology and political advantages the US enjoys. In addition, he accurately predicted the growth of the Interent and New Economy as well as the resurgence of religion in political and economic affairs. This truly prescient works literally changed the way people perceived the United States in the 1990s and continues to inform today.

Selected Works

Business and Technology
The Coming American Renaissance
"His views effectively rebut...doomsday books...by Lester Thurow...Paul Kennedy" and others.
-The New York Times
The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Manager
"Drawing from the experience of AT&T, Dow Chemical, Fuji, Xerox, and other multinational corporations, suggests how to train and recruit managers with international skills to run the various branches of a far-flung enterprise"
-Book News

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