Michael Moynihan

The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Manager

The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Manager

As more and more companies expand into international markets, managers who can operate effectively across cultures and national borders are vital to their success. This text aims to show globally-minded executives how to find, cultivate and hold on to the talent they need to compete on the international playing field of the 1990s. From recruiting candidates with executive potential to developing seasoned internationalists, this book describes every step in creating a global management team.

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Business and Technology
The Coming American Renaissance
"This book effectively rebuts doomsday books by Lester Thurow, Paul Kennedy and others."
-The New York Times
The Economist Intelligence Unit Global Manager
"Drawing from the experience of AT&T, Dow Chemical, Fuji, Xerox, and other multinational corporations, suggests how to train and recruit managers with international skills to run the various branches of a far-flung enterprise"
-Book News

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